Doestoevski said that man is never, and can never, be satisfied with his situation, no matter how comfortable it may seem. He said that man would intuitively seek to create chaos in his life so that it would not become dull.

For this reason he dubbed man the "ungrateful biped".

Contained within this archive are 241 individual comic strips that represent the vast majority of a year of my life, as well as more than 700 hours of drawing, inking, scanning and coloring. The journal comic was maintained on a daily basis for over six months during 2003, after which it slowly lost it's schedule and petered out (as is clear when comparing the monthly archives).

The first few are a strain on both the eyes and the mind, but have been included here for reasons of completeness. You might want to start with May instead of January.

My endeavor proves that anyone can create a comic if they really want to, talent is not mandatory.

all of it (cc) 2003, jeremy clarke. jer [at] simianuprising [dot] com | archives by MT